Monday, August 27, 2007

Leaving Ireland

Poor Tim got food poisoning at the last campsite we went to. This involved him unzipping the tent, poking his head out and chucking up on the grass every hour for about 24 hours. It just so happened that there'd been a dog show across the road so our site was rammed with pedigree dogs and their owners. There were some damn fine canines around, some really "classy bitches" as one of the owners put it. But for the dogs this campsite was like a some sort of holiday camp where they could cut loose and live their doggy lives. And so it was that at about 4 in the morning a labrador with a beatifully conditioned coat spied Tim vomitting, trotted up and proceeded to roll around and wallow in it. While Tim was being sick. On the dog. Which loved it. Word quickly got around and a few hours later, again while Tim was being sick, another dog came up and proudly presented a very dead pigeon. Absolutely hilarious.

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