Saturday, August 11, 2007

The groom

Today I wrote an email, which I sent to everyone male in my addres book:

**** Start of Message ****


I’ve been stuck inside on orders to do nothing after an ear op… my noddle is half baked from the anaesthetic so I’ve been doing some odd things. One of these included shaving with a cut throat razor, and was so dumbfounded by the absolute common sense of it all that I thought I’d write and recommend it to you all for the following reasons:

- It’s a skill
- You can either get a blade which you can sharpen with a strop, or get a chassis which takes those flat disposable razor blades you can get from newsagents if having to sharpen it is too much hassle.
- Sharpening is free or it works out at 10p per blade if you go down the disposable route. 10p!!!
- It’s way a closer shave than a safety razor (you don’t get much closer than bleeding)
- If you’re a lazy bastard like me and leave the beard for a while a safety razor just jams. Not so with a nice clean unsafe blade – it whips it off.
(I guess you could use it as a weapon, though it you’d have to be pretty sick in the head.)
- It’s good fun.
- But perhaps most of all, from the kit perspective, it’s the best: small and getting the razors is a piece of piss coz the lill packs of disposable straight razor blades (Gilette/Wilkinson) you get are all standardised. (Even less of a problem if you go for a sharpenable one – though that does mean taking a strop around too).

I used this one:

but you could probly find a cheaper one out there, e.g.:

If you do get one that takes disposables, make sure it takes the 1.5” blades. Some chasis are designed to house 2.5” disposable blades but blades this long are not common in newsagents.

**** End message ****

It was after writing this message that I decided to leave the flat, in search of my life.

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