Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Party chain

Paul's nick name is "Pumps". This was given to him when by his parents and is from when he was a small child and kept on pooing himself. They still call him "Pumps" to this day. Hahahaha!!!!

We carried on chatting and somehow got onto the topic of DVDA. I get things mixed up easily you see and came up with DVDP or something but he cleared things up for me by reminding me what the letters stood for. He then (without realising the fanstastic connenction, and his timing was brilliant) introduced me:

"Ed, have you met Keira, my girlfriend?"

The implications were amazing. And by far the funniest thing that was said.

The funniest thing seen, after finishing the labouriously task of soaking up wiping red wine off my bed, was seeing Jen immediately jump back on to the bed and bounce up and down with a wine glass loosely in one hand spraying the stuff all over everywhere again...

It was a real laughing (semi-crying) moment.

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