Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Flying low

Sometimes I do talks to schools, trying to make the kids aware of the options available to them if they want to take a gap year after A-level. I gave a talk today to 100 lower sixth girls for an hour. Which would have been a lovely experience... had I not chosen the trousers with the broken zipper.

I felt bad for the front row, and to make sure they didn't get an eyefull I frequently checked the bottom of my hoody was below the zipper level... but all that did was make me look like I was touching myself. For an hour. In front of one hundred 17 year old school girls.


Bodge said...

Hahaha, nice one. Should have just flopped it out and see who took the bait......................

Bee said...
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Bee said...

Its only weird cos they don't know you well - let them get to 18 and an hour is long enough for that not to be weird! ...lol

Nice one, "Low rider!"

Any pictures from the stag do?
I hope Andy is still alive!