Monday, March 06, 2006


Kez and I get wet in the pool (snigger), coaxing Paul's amazing prototype submarine through the water.

When all the tests have been done we lift the sub out of the water, get changed and put the sub down outside the swimming pool, next to the entrance. A school trip charge towards us and all of a sudden we are surrounded by 20 inquisitive ten-year-olds. After a few questions a kid asks "what does it do?".

I am in a James Bond world, swimming with the sub has made me think of Never Say Never again, and so insitinctively reply "It's an explosion device".

Kez chipped in with "Yeah we just tested it in the pool".

At which point one of the kids leaps up in the air and unexpectedly shouts "HAAAAAAA!!!!!! SO YOU MEANT AN UNDERWATER EXPLOSION DEVICE!!!!!", his arms gesticulating wildly before immediately running straight into the nearest wall.

As the thin veneer of normality begins to crack, I seize opportunity with the next question:

Kid: "Can we see it in the water?"
Me: "Well, we've just finished, but if we all shout "Let's do it again" at Paul, he might let us..."

The madness continues with me and the kids chanting together at Paul "LETS DO IT AGAIN!!!!" as loud as humanly possible.

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