Monday, March 06, 2006

Happy hour lunacy

Rag are auctioning things at the bar for charity: meal tickets, dicsounts and slaves. We buy a job lot of 7 pharmacy students and get very drunk. I have an idea. And like all really stupid ideas, it is one of my best. And bearing in mind we have nothing to do with Rag or the auction it is pretty bold. Tim's instant reaction is "absolutely no way".

Half an hour later me and Tim are on stage in front of 200 people and I am on the microphone auctioning him to take off his clothes. Moments where we cease to be friends include me dragging him on stage, me selling off his trousers for 60 pence and me selling off his trousers before his shirt putting him in an extremely embarassing position. The show bombs completley in front a very unsympathetic audience. We still manage to get down to his underpants though.

I am not allowed to have any more ideas that night.

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