Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My Single Friend .com nomination

Kezza's the bee's knees, the giraffe's tail, the cat's pyjamas. If we weren't such old friends, and she wasn't like the funny sister I never had, I'd be on her. Like 24/7.

You know how girls usually aren't that funny? Well this one is. In fact, it'd be pretty hard to find a dude good enough. But she doesn't seem to notice this which is ace coz it means that she's open minded, and gets on with everyone she meets.

I have to work next to her which is a pisser. No work gets done and the day is filled with stupidity and random stuff and that's all her fault. We're chained together in the office for the next three years and I wouldn't want to sit next to anyone else - she's got it all. But the nice thing about Kez is you can call her a whore and she'll find it funny. I once tried to swap her for a biscuit at the bar and was rightly admonished by the staff.

She likes a good festival, not the spit roast kind, and knows a hell of a lot about music. A future Peel? Special skills include speaking french, squatting, knife throwing and oral (probably).

Take a bit of the Kerry cherry, and you won't be disappointed. (Money back guaranteed).


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