Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Getting to Duck Island

Three days of nonsense camping in the Forest of Dean. Without sleeping bags. But by the end of it we'd made a boat, and a double bed, and a pyre. And if nothing else this video serves to bottle AK's soul whereupon it will be preserved and stashed in the Natural History museum until well after we are all dust and will be discovered by little green men who will look at it and for the very first time in their little green lives, they will piss themselves. As I do, every time he sits on twiggy...

Getting to Duck Island from eD Sells on Vimeo.


lou said...

Bwah hah hah. Brilliant.

I think when I laugh out loud at work it gives away the fact that I'm not really doin' what I'm supposed to.

James McCallum Grove said...

I watched all 17 minutes of the thing...brillant man brillant and I am saying that with the british accent not the american one...loved the adventure. Especially the moment after arriving to the island and you have a nice smoke to celebrate the accomplishment and AK is there lying on Twiggy talking about trout with defense mechanisms and the trees blowing in the wind. Those are always the best moments....keep doing this kind of stuff, its hilarious