Friday, November 02, 2007

Dog or corpse

From Steve & Lou's brilliant birthday arose a question from murky depths... and there's some priceless reactions in here:

WARNING: This is sick.

Cudos to Rich for a superb editing job. By far the funniest thing today.


mrs23 said...

Dog or Corpse?
Who is the sick bastard that came up with that idea? You created some disgusting images in my head. Shame on you!


eD said...

Haha!! Yeah - sick, i should have put a warning up. Luckily I can exhonourate myself for coming up with the idea, nothing to do with me.

But, now that it's out there:

dog or corpse? ;-)

loo said...

Only just watched this, and it crashed my browser twice.

Weirdly, I was thinking about this issue the other day, in relation to informed consent.

With a corpse, you don't have a guarantee that consent is still given, even if the person had consented during their lifetime.

As a meat-eater, I generally don't seek consent from animals before exerting my will over them, so I reckon fucking a dog would be more ethical than fucking a corpse.

I'll take a great dane please.

loo said...

I learned from an 'educational video' on teh interwebz that you have to put thick socks on the dog'd front paws, otherwise it can claw up your back.