Monday, November 20, 2006

The remote control car guy

This was the most progressive sketch that I've seen in a while...

I walk down Milsom street and pass a demonstration guy standing in the middle of the crowd. He's driving a remote control car, swooping it in and out of people, a reminder that Christmas shopping is only just round the corner.

I pass him an hour later and he stands struck between the eyes by boredom, motionless as people walk around him, his car on autopilot driving in circles on a path of least resistance.

I look out for him a couple of hours later and when I spot him again I can't help but crack up. His boredom has forced him to the side of the street, slumped against the floor, propped up against the wall. His legs are splayed and he backs the car up 2 meters away from him, pointing it directly at his crotch. He then drives the car at full throttle into his nads. Without even flinching, he does it again, repeatedly.

1 comment:

Esteban said...

I spat my tea at my computer as I came to the punchline of that beaut