Wednesday, October 11, 2006

One bodged badger

A story from Steve's brother at a great dinner in the Walrus & Carpenter:

A girl drives straight over a badger on a country lane. She stops and looks in the rear view mirror to see the badger writhing in pain, and in a general state of misery.

Thinking finishing the job is the kindest thing to do she put the car into reverse and drives over the badger again. To her dismay the badger is still wriggling around having an awful time. Feeling sick, she puts the car into first gear and hits the badger for a THIRD time.

Looking in the rear view mirror, the badger is STILL alive. By now it's in a complete state of agony. She gets out of the car - driving over the badger clearly isn't working. She spyies a brick on the verge and picks it up. She then proceeds to drop the brick on the badgers head. The badger is still twitching, and by now she's in such a state that all she can do is ring the RSPCA and tell them she's with a sick badger that needs putting down.

After a bit the RSPCA man arrives, loads the poor badger into the van, thanks the girl and drives away. The girl gets back into her car and drives on, trying to put the whole traumatic experience to the back of her mind.

Next day she rings up the RSPCA to thank them for their help. The secretary checks the records for her. Apparently the badger has made a full recovery.

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Esteban said...

Genius - I shall inform my bro of this site as he will definitely want to read the other entries!