Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pizza-off is on

An email from Anil...

In a Kitchen far far away

The Emperor of the land of Tea-pi, Eduardo Sells, began his journey for the perfect pizza. This quest took him to many strange places and he met many strange people. In the dark corners of one such place, he meet Mathayo Blaggio. He promised to teach the Emperor The Way of The Pizza. Little did the Emperor know, it was a promise filled with deceit.

With a failed attempt, down hearted Sells took a ride on his noble steed, Boardy Em, and wondered if his quest was hopeless. Whilst riding down a twisty road, he met a strange wanderer. Not many could pronounce his name, many made do with Ah-Kneel. The wanderer had heard of the Emperor's quest and was keen to help. Ah-Kneel simply said, "Ed, use the flour.....but not to much!"

These simple words reignited the Emperors hopes. The Real Quest had only just begun. Many months of practice followed. Sells was on his way to becoming a Master in The Way of The Pizza. Though these times were filled with happiness, such power breeds darkness too. Delighted by his progress, Ed was overcome with a moment of Madness. He burst into Ah-Kneels chambers and woke him from his slumber. Whilst boasting about his success he lay down a challenge.

"My Pizza's Versus yours Old Man!"

Ah-Kneel was pleased with Ed's development, but was concerned by the fire in his speech.

Reluctantly Ah-Kneel accepted....

The Story Ends Tonight!

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