Monday, March 06, 2006

Sunday Trilogy

1) Childishly defacing a temporary "Wet Paint" notice in Cafe rouge with a wide selection of felt tips whilst the waitress was not looking, before clumsily putting it back when she certainly was and running off giggling.

2) Kez and I sit at the edge of the Roman Baths, chillin. Tourists blur rings around us as we watch steam swirl around near the surface. Then two ducks swim out to the center and, right slap bang in the middle of the entire Roman Bath scene, start doing the wild thing. This takes all of 30 seconds before they exit stage left. This exhibition nearly has me off my seat clapping.

3) A couple run around the baths having a heated, noisy and extremely public row. We follow them of course, but have to double back in creases when she get so irate that she accidentally follows him into the gents' toilets without realising.

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