Wednesday, March 08, 2006


We are first year students, therefore every Wednesday we have to go to an hour long seminar hosted by the department. I arrive late and have to sit up near the back next to an extremely bright professor who is intimidatingly clever when it comes to maths (and will remain nameless for the purposes of this entry). There are 40 of us in total and we sit listening to the guy up front who spends the first half hour simply bragging about his jobs including one time when he was "headhunted". As if that wasn't inappropriate enough, his seminar (when he finally got round to it) was a simple history of design team evolution. At the end, while some people at the front struggled for intelligent questions to ask, the extremely bright professor sitting next to me leaned over, looked me in the eye and after a pause said "Well... I thought that was a complete load of bollocks". And then promptly left. I think it was the unexpectedness of it all and the instant rebellious irony from an organiser which made me laugh out loud.

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