Thursday, February 23, 2006


Me and the 30 kids who are on a UCAS tour gather in the stairwell of 8 East on the way to the Biomimetics. There's a lot of opportunity when you're leading a group of 30 kids around the department. We are about to enter the corridor which goes past my neighbours office. I look at the kids. Some need cheering up. I brief them:

"Now as you pass the office door I want to you to look in and say 'hello Paul'. You don't know him, but it'll be funny."

So me and my welcoming army walked single file past the office. The kids perform brilliantly. The "hello Paul"'s and "alright Paul"'s from complete strangers appearing at his door and then dissapearing every couple of seconds for a full on minute put Paul into hysterics.

Future note: add to the brief... "And the last person in the line should say 'see you later Paul'". Just for completeness.

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