Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hidden Tricolour

Manager gives me a piece of her Tri- layered Milka chocolate from France (dark, milk and white in one) and moments later a colleague comes back into office and is offered some. As she turns away talking to someone, I nab her piece and hide it, inside a letter I was about to envelope and send to a contractor.
Hurriedly seal it almost breaking into a silly giggle the entire time, this big lumpy thing looking really obvious to all and sundry.
Seconds after sealing it I hear 'Who's nicked my chocolate?' from behind me. I reply in the negative saying I wouldn't even think of nicking it and hiding it in this envelope which i then tossed onto her desk.
By this time I was laughing so much at my own stupid little prank (that wasn't even that funny but tickled me so much due to this very fact) that it was difficult to hold back the tears when she opened it to reveal the letter covered in smudged chocolate..... sent it out anyway :)

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