Sunday, March 05, 2006

Catch up

Friday-was shining a silly batman torch i got free with my purchase of the original Batman movie off ebay through my fingertip and up my nostril at work. Was funny, then kind of didn;t do it for a couple of mins, then picked it up again, put in my mouth and pressed the button, looked up at my work colleague who just solemnly shook her head in a gesture signifying both 'no, there is nothing happening by doing that' and also'what are you doing?' It really tickled me and couldn't stop giggling.

Saturday-Martin's impressions of Anastasia during dinner. Martin being a rather flambouyant and expressive and sensitive gay german man in his 40s doing the European Cinema Masters degree with my girlfriend Katey. Anastasia is thier greek Nemesis. Absolutely hilarious impersonations

Sunday-was walking through bath and nearly got shat on by a bird, literally right next to me. Looked up to see a gull flying away from me having narrowly missed it's target. Immediately brought to mind a conversation from last weekend aboiut a certain young man wanting to shoot pigeons from his roof, and my incredulous reaction given my liking for pigeons. Started thinking about how I MUCH prefer pigeons to gulls and then out of nowhere a pigeon seemd to dive bomb my head and I had to take evasive manouvers to avoid a head on collision! perhaps I should re-assess my pigeon fondness.......

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